Naranjo en flor


FRUTAS NAVARRO is a family business, renowned in the citrus sector: This currently exporting to France, Germany, England, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Algeria, Holland, Poland, Canada, etc…

Also you are opening markets in the United States and United Arab Emirates.

Its annual production reaches 1,5 millions of kilograms. Being self-produced a 70% of the total volume. It is precisely the power of selection of FRUTAS NAVARRO, which allows you to guarantee at all times the best quality and service to its customers; This being its main objective.



Passionate about our land, by tradition and the quality of our citrus, in FRUTAS NAVARRO We carry more than 30 years producing and collecting the best oranges, clementines and mandarins.


Our values

Combining innovation and tradition has always been our motto when it comes to improving work processes. To do this, We are constantly a question:

How can we offer our customers a product fresh and quality in less time? Concern, obsession with quality and experience, they are some of the values that lead us to find answers.


Orange trees